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Dream Squircle

You need someone to bring your game to the next level?

We offer our services in:

Project Management & Consulting

With experience in working with Teams of up to 20 persons at a time we are the right partner to help you coordinate your project. No matter if you prefer strict methods or more agile methods like Scrum or Kanban, we’ll provide you with our expertise to ensure your project stays on Track!


Here’s a short overview of how we can help you organize your project:

  • Working out a Project Plan tailored to your needs
  • Recruitment and Onboarding of new team members
  • Setting up Project structures that work for your team
  • Agile Project Management
  • Publishing your Game on Steam, Epic Games and and preparing the steps needed


With more than 4 years of experience in programming and 2 years of experience in Unity, we built our own custom visual novel framework in Unity and also worked on other game protoypes like a 2D RPG, a Mystery Dungeon-like game and of course our own visual novel ELEGIES: Aya.

  • We will develop your custom game in Unity or use our existing framework to offer an effordable solution according to your expectations
  • We also can script your game scenes, or if you prefer it otherwise, give oyu the tools to script your own scenes, character movement, etc in our game framework.
  • You want to integrate Steam & Epic Games online services for Achievements? We got you covered!
  • Thanks to the Unity engine our  builds are playable in Windows, Mac and Linux and can also be ported to consoles.

German Translations

Thanks to our experience in developing book-sized visual novels (and because we’re a German company), we also offer English to German translations at an affordable rate.

Character Art & Design

From Character Design to finished Sprites and CGs – Our team can deliver high quality art in high resolution at a decent pace. No matter if you only have a basic description or a sketch, we will design and draw your characters according to your preferences and deliver you a result you can proudly show in your game.

  • Individual Character Design from scratch
  • High quality characters in up to 4k resolution
  • Fast delivery
  • An experienced team that works well-coordinated and reliable on your CGs

Background Art

Our team consists out of two Background Artists – One experienced in coordinating and designing your CGs and a second Artist who can draw sceneries and rooms at light-speed. No matter what you need – we can assure you that our art is high detailed. All of our artists are experienced in delivering professional freelance- and contract-work and put in their best effort and passion to deliver astonishing art-pieces.

  • Art in up to 4k resolution
  • From low detail to high detail backgrounds – everything is possible
  • High delivery speed

Want to see the results of our work?

Then try out the demo of ELEGIES: Aya!

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